Goodbye, from Bodhi Market

To our beloved customers of past and present, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the close of Bodhi Market effective immediately. We are so very sorry that we were not able to give you more notice. We know that you've come to rely upon and appreciate our service. We wish the situation were different.

During the pandemic, we expanded our resources to meet the ever-demanding needs of those trying to keep their families safe and well fed. Since the pandemic, the problem was two-fold: customers left and returned to the stores, and inflation of prices for product, packaging and fuel has made it so that we can no longer sustain our profit margin without losing our customer base. One of our points of pride was not raising our prices like competitors or taking on excessive customers which would reduce our quality of service so that you could continue to receive quality products at an affordable rate.

Thank you with all our hearts to those customers who stuck with Bodhi even when pandemic levels reduced, and people went back to stores. And a huge thank you to all of our friends/family/family-friends who were the very first to support a dream…it is not forgotten!

We are a small, family-owned business and we appreciate that your family gave us a reason to go to work daily!

We are so sorry to be delivering this news. The Bodhi team loves you all and deeply appreciates all of your business, your kind emails and communications over the past 5 years.

Love the Bodhi Family