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Chorizo (Loose)

Chorizo (Loose)

Retail Price: $10.99/1lb
Sale Price: $9.89/1lb
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Chorizo (Loose) Features

Local- This is a local product!

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This chorizo is a slightly spicy Spanish style sausage. Seasoned with smokey paprika and chili's among other things. Not cooked. Ships Frozen

Our pork is also fully pastured in forests provide optimum forage including tons of nut-bearing trees such as beech, oak, hickory, and chestnut, which give our pork an outstanding finished flavor. Additionally, this land provides a soft, compost-like soil which is easily turned over by the animals’ snouts in order to get down to the roots and munch on the good stuff. These animals get the bulk of their food from foraging and produce seconds

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