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Location: 281 Rocktown Lambertville Road, Lambertville, NJ 08530
Food Miles: 25 miles

103 years ago, Mary Fulper moved to West Amwell, NJ, and brought one cow with her, where her family started growing vegetables. Mary’s son Norman and his wife Harriet took over the farm in 1918 and bought their first tractor in 1923. They gradually expanded the farm while milking 20 cows by hand, growing tomatoes for Campbell’s Soup, and hauling vegetables to the Trenton NJ Farmers’ Market until the late 1940s. 

Expansion continued through the1950s as the latest technology was embraced in order to continually produce high quality products. Furthermore, the latest soil conservation methods were practiced to protect the soil and land. Milking 80 cows and farming over 200 acres, Norman Jr. and his brother Robert formed a partnership with their father. They installed a state-of-the-art milking parlor in 1958. Eventually, Norman Jr. moved to his own farm and Robert and his wife Sarah managed the business. They continued expansion and profound innovations. 

Today, Robert’s forward-thinking sons, Robert II and Fred Fulper, own and manage the farm. Producing wholesome, quality products and utilizing environmentally friendly practices continues to be of major focus for the brothers and was a driving force in the decision to convert the farm to a solar renewable operation. 

Now, the fifth generation is serving as key decision makers in the farm operation. Innovation and agricultural education fuel the farm’s progress. The Fulper Family sees the importance of educating consumers, especially children, about what it takes to consistently produce a safe, nutritious dairy product daily. We are excited to share our century of experience with you and invite you to support our next generation as we farm and produce local, fresh dairy products for your next generation.

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