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Vendor: Homestead Coffee Roasters

Location: 1650 Bridgeton Hill Rd, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972
Food Miles: 8 miles

Located in a 19th century barn alongside the scenic Pennsylvania towpath, just steps from the Delaware River, Michael and Trevor Lewis have been roasting coffee with passion since 2006. They carefully and conscientiously source their beans, continually tasting and refining the selections to ensure they live up to the highest standards.  Homestead works with small farms and cooperatives, to help grow small business. 

Homestead's business philosophy rests in the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy delicious coffee. Their growth depends on their strong relationships with the community. Their passion for their customers is the number one reason why they never compromise on their ideals or standards of quality.

By investing in their partners and using environmentally friendly packaging, Homestead creates better relationships with the earth and with each other.


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