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Vendor: Merzbacher's Bakery

Food Miles: 39 miles

“We couldn't find the type of bread we wanted to eat anywhere in Philadelphia, so we decided to bake it ourselves.”

Pete Merzbacher had worked in agriculture and dabbled in the food industry, but he was new to the world of baking. After much trial and error and with the help of others, Merzbacher's Bakery was born in this fair town of Germantown.

Now that we've been at it for a few years, we have expanded their products beyond their flagship Philly Muffin.  

At its core, the Merzbacher's Bakery  method is focused on sourcing grains directly from the farmer and pulling as much flavor from them as possible. Using local favorites Castle Valley Mill Flour, Susquehanna Mill oil, and Deer Creek Malts malt they make a purely local product. Pre-fermented flour and toasted grains help craft all of their dough. The addition of a ripe poolish, mild sourdough, and house-processed corn or roasted barley gives their bread distinct flavor, texture, and keeping qualities.  

Merzbacher's Bakery uses the highest quality grains and mill them just before mixing the dough. Milling our flours allows us to unlock maximum flavor.  

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