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Vendor: Purely Farm

Location: 1408 Mink Road Ottsville, PA 18942
Food Miles: 4 miles

Purely Farm is our neighbor. Their 40 acre farm is located in Ottsville, PA, so they are directly across Lake Nockamixon from our facility. In summer we may even try deliveries by kayak.

The Michinis farm this land without the use of chemicals and pasture-raise both pigs and turkeys. Marc and Joanna's commitment to natural farming practices also means that their pork and turkey products are hormone- and antibiotic-free. 

Unlike factory farms that confine pigs in order to bulk up their weight faster than normal, Purely raises their pigs outside in the fresh air and sunshine. All of the hogs at Purely were born and raised on the farm, so Marc can guarantee that each one is well taken care of, treated humanely and free of anything evil from the very day they were born.

In addition to grass, their hogs are fed a mineral-rich, organic, non-GMO grain ration that is locally grown. They even eat our fruit scraps from Bodhi Market. Can't get anymore full circle, local and sustainable than that! Their pork is delicious; you'll be in hog heaven.


Anything from Purely Farm this week?
nope! not this week.