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Vendor: Stryker Farm

Location: 3045 Mountain Road, Saylorsburg PA 18353
Food Miles: 36 miles

Stryker Farm is a pasture-based livestock farm situated between the Lehigh Valley and Pocono Mountains of PA. The farm operates on the principle that all animals are entitled to fresh air, sunshine and plenty of open space. They do not apply synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides to their land and do not administer hormones or antibiotics to their animals. When you purchase from Stryker Farm you are helping support a more natural and humane method of livestock husbandry. 

Anything from Stryker Farm this week?
Pork Shoulder Roast Beer Bratwurst Breakfast Sausage Pork Belly Irish Style Bangers BBQ Pulled Pork Hanger Steak London Broil Ribeye Steak New York Strip Ground Beef Chuck Roast Sweet Italian Sausage (Rope) Ground Pork Hot Italian Sausage (rope) Sirloin Tip Steak Brisket 2.5lb Beef Patties Beef Cubes Eye of Round Roast Pork Cutlets

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