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Vendor: Weaver Valley Farm

Location: Strasburg, PA
Food Miles: 87 miles

Weaver Valley Farms is located in Lancaster County in the small town of Strasburg, PA, where farming fields and rolling pastures go on for miles and miles. At the farm, cows graze on non-GMO pastures while pigs munch on a diet of non-GMO corn. John and his sons also grow their own hay and alfalfa without pesticides for additional summer and winter feeding. The USDA certifies Weaver Valley for not using any hormones, additives, antibiotics, growth implants or animal by-products in their feed.

Weaver Valley produces juicy and tender beef products, thanks to a dry-aging process that John thinks is the best way to improve texture and to lock in flavor. The beef is then stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled coolers for 14 days before being processed locally. Try  Weaver Valley beef for yourself, it’s delicious!


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