About Our Produce


At Bodhi Market, our #1 priority is to get you the highest quality produce available 365 days of the year. We take pride in knowing where the best comes from, when it's at it peak and how to ship it to you so you can enjoy it.


A word on Organics

In order to be a certified organic farm, you must have farmed your land organically for a minimum of three years before you are eligible to apply for a certification.

Though Bodhi Market promises that our produce is 100% organic, we do not guarantee it is "certified" organic. Nearly 95% is, or will be certified shortly, but we refused to cut those amazing local farms trying to get a start that have not yet reached that 3-year mark or cannot afford the certification. We visit our local farms to make sure their practices are in fact, organic, and we want to support them as they work toward certification. If everyone insisted on buying only 100% certified organic, many small farmers would fail before they ever reached the 3-year mark. We know the best stuff comes from the smallest local farms and we stand by them.


A word on Local (Why we carry bananas)

Bodhi Market strives to support local whenever possible. That said, a lot of us love bananas, kiwis and other produce that simply doesn’t grow in our climate, let alone our continent. Since we all love these exotic products, Bodhi Market carries them.

If Bodhi Market only carried local produce in winter, your box would be mostly winter squash, onions, and potatoes. Though we love these items, we understand it would make your diet a bit bland. So, to offer lettuce, kale, broccoli, etc. year round, we do have to look outside of our local region. Whenever we have the opportunity and the product available on a local level, Bodhi Market will choose that first. 


A word on Seasonality 

We take seasonality and the quality of produce very seriously here at Bodhi Market. Apples are in season in the fall. Apples available in the spring have been stored in gas-controlled rooms to keep them from ripening since they were harvested in the fall. Does that sound tasty? We don't think so either. You will always see apples on our menu, but you will see the most variety in the fall. Same goes for citrus (best in winter) and fruits like peaches and plums that are best in the summer.

When you shop online, you can’t hold and examine the produce yourself. We are your eyes, and we want to get it right. We offer the best of the best when it is in season, and we won't offer poor quality out of season. Believe us, save that tomato mozzarella salad recipe for summer when heirlooms are at their peak. You will be happy you did. 

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask in the Contact section of your account.