Do you work for or own an organization or school with health incentives or a health conscious staff?

Does your workplace or child’s school hold fundraisers or charity-giving events?

Do you generally enjoy being totally awesome and doing awesome things?

If so, Bodhi Market co-ops are what you are looking for! Read the FAQ below to learn more.


What is a co-op?

A Bodhi Market co-op is a group of 5 or more individuals, who work for, attend or are involved in a business, school or other organization, joined together to receive a personal discount or give to a charity.


What types of co-ops do you offer and what are the benefits of joining one?

Option 1: Discount co-ops provide members with discounts on each order. Discount percent increases with co-op size.

Option 2: Fundraising co-ops allow businesses and schools to donate a percentage of their orders to a charity or a school. Percent donated increases with co-op size.


How does it work?

Discount co-ops: Once a co-op is created with 5 or more members, each member will receive a discount on their individual order.

Fundraising co-ops: If your organization or school is opting to donate the savings to a charity or school, you must inform Bodhi Market where the savings will go. Otherwise Bodhi Market will choose an organization to donate to.


Do co-op boxes get delivered to the business/school or to individual member’s homes?

Business and school co-ops can be delivered to either home or office. However, there is an additional 2% discount applied if you have all orders dropped at the office. Discount co-ops will be delivered to one location for all members of that co-op.


Does everyone have to get the same thing? Are we billed as a group?

No! Being in a co-op is just like being a regular Bodhi Market customer. You can customize and shop for your own order through your own personal account and you are billed individually. The only difference is you are linked as a member of the business or group you are affiliated with to receive the discount or benefit your charity organization.


Awesome! Is this the most easy and awesome way ever to save and give?

Yeah, pretty much.


How do you form a co-op?

To form a co-op, please email us at [email protected] and we will get you set up.


How much do you save/donate?

Percentages below are savings for individual members in a discount co-op or for the amount that will be donated to a charity of a fundraising co-op's choosing.  

5-10 members = 10% home delivery OR 12% office/school delivery 

11-18 members = 13% home delivery OR 15% office/school delivery 

19-25 members  = 16% home delivery OR 18% office/school delivery 

26-50 members = 19% home delivery OR 21% office/school delivery 

51+ members = 22% home delivery OR 24% office/school delivery 


If I form a fundraising co-op, does Bodhi Market track $$$ donated?

Yes! We can total up your donations quarterly and/or yearly. This will be presented to your organization as a certificate that can be displayed and used for tax purposes.


Co-ops sound awesome! Can I form one without being involved in an organization?

Sure! Non-business or non-school co-ops can be formed with any 5 or more individuals who are getting boxes delivered to one location. This location can be a home, office, tree in a field… wherever you like, just one delivery spot for all members.


Why am I still reading this and not forming a co-op?

No clue! While you are sitting here, you could already be getting a solid co-op going that will allow your friends and staff to buy 100% organic produce, premium meats, seafood and high-end, no-preservative groceries for cheaper than conventional foods filled with unpronounceable bad-for-you ingredients at the stores that rhyme with Tall Dart and Begmans. What are you waiting for?