Our Mission


At Bodhi Market, we believe you have to give to get, and get to give, so we've built a business model that not only delivers amazing food, but also gives back.

By shopping with us, you’re creating all of this feel-good "karma:"


Providing premium quality produce and groceries to our customers

Bodhi Market's #1 priority is making sure we get the best, healthiest food possible to our customers. We ensure the food is grown and prepared with care before it gets to our warehouse. After it gets into our hands, our trained team lovingly packs and delivers each box. We know you use our service to keep your family healthy and we take great pride in making sure you only get the best.


Supporting local farms, artisans, and economy

We are so inspired by all of the organic, natural, and artisinal vendors and farms in this TriState area. Bodhi Market's role is to expand our vendors' and farmers' reach by connecting them with you. Want to see more products by our farmers and vendors? Visit the SHOP


Feeding those in need

Bodhi Market dedicates a portion of every subscription to feeding families in need. 

We work weekly with Rolling Harvest Food Rescue of Bucks County PA to make sure all excess food at our facility is donated to families in need. 


Protecting the environment

Here at Bodhi Market we love our earth. That is why we've dedicated a percent of proceeds from every subscription to go toward environmental protection. We donate funds annually to help protect the Delaware River and habitat protection/restoration.


Reducing carbon footprint

Recent studies show that 88% of the American population averages 5 miles per trip to their local grocery store, and most go several times a week. If we only made 1 trip per week for groceries, that would equal 17 million metric tons from our tailpipes and the miles traveled would be over 10 times the distance to Pluto! 

With our optimized routing system and single-vehicle delivery routes, we can reduce mileage and carbon emissions produced by grocery shopping by nearly 40%. Not too shabby!


No waste

Bodhi Market is a 100% landfill free, no-waste business. What does this mean? 

Depending on the type of waste, it goes to any of the following outlets:

We feed people by working with Rolling Harvest.

We feed piggies and other farm animals with our produce scraps.

We feed the soil by composting.

We reuse and recycle our packaging. 

We partner with Sustainable Waste Solutions, a landfill-free service that takes whatever we can’t reuse or recycle ourselves and turns it into green energy.