A crash course in Bodhi Market


How does this work?

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Pick a box type. Pick a Day. Shop. We deliver. You enjoy. If you want to know more, check out our How it works page.


Is there a sign up fee?



Is there a cancellation fee?

Nope! You can cancel or put a hold on your subscription at anytime.


Is there a delivery fee?



Do you Deliver to my area?

Good question! Check it out.

Right now we deliver to eastern PA and parts of NJ. We plan to expand into other areas of PA as well as nearly all of NJ by spring 2018. If you live in a region of PA or NJ currently not in our footprint please reach out and ask when we will be in your area. It could be any day now!


How do I know I’m getting the best quality?

Bodhi Market’s #1 priority is making sure the produce and groceries you get are of the highest quality. We know you order this food to keep you and your family healthy. Our staff is trained to inspect every item before we pack it. Unlike other services, we care for your food from the farm to your door through our own pack and delivery.


Can I make changes to my order?

You betcha! Though we send you a suggested box to get you started each week, you can make as many substitutions as you would like without the order price changing. Don’t like broccoli? Sub in avocado instead, etc.


Can I shop for additional things beyond my subscription? 

Totally! One of the best parts of Bodhi Market is all of the products we carry are from artisan vendors. You can add any item you want, a la carte. Just note that your box stays at subscription price when you sub, but once you shop for additional items, the price will increase.


Do I need a subscription or can I just shop a la carte?

In the future, we may look into a la carte shopping, but at this time, you do need a subscription.


There do not seem to be many delivery day choices for my area. Will you add more?

Yup! We are new, so we are keeping our delivery efficient to reduce our carbon footprint. As we grow, we will add more delivery choices in a responsible way.


Is all of your produce 100% certified organic?

No. It is ALL organic, but a few of our farms are still working on their certifications. We support the little guy. To learn more, go to About our produce.


Is all your produce local? 

No. Bodhi Market is a year-round service. In the northeast during winter, produce selection gets pretty limited.  We can’t live on potatoes and onions., so you’ll see an increase of non-local produce (still organic) in the winter. Whenever local is available and of good quality, we will choose it over non local. In addition, we will carry fruits that do not grow in our climate like bananas, kiwis, citrus, etc. year round. More about this at About our produce.


Are all your non-produce groceries and meats local? 

You bet they are! We pride ourselves with sourcing the best products you can find in the local area. Most of our artisan groceries and meats are sourced within 20 miles of our warehouse, with just a few really special items coming from up to 100-150 miles away.


Are all your non-produce groceries organic?

Nope. We try our best to find organic when we can, but all our artisan groceries are small batch and made with natural and/or organic ingredients.


What does “Ethically Raised Meats” mean?

Ethically Raised Meats have been raised without hormones, steroids, antibiotics and they have had happy lives, free ranging and grazing in fields.


What are your standards regarding Milk?

We carry 100% organic, grass-fed, non-GMO verified milk from Trickling Spring Farms in PA.


You gave me Honeycrisp apples instead of the Fuji's I ordered. Was this a mistake? 

In the produce world, things happen beyond our control. Hard rain splits tomatoes, hail rips lettuce, hot temps make broccoli go to seed, etc. Though we talk to our farmers weekly and plan for the best product, sometimes mother nature forces last-minute changes. When this happens, we do our best to give you something similar to what you requested: Honeycrisp apple for a Gala, red leaf lettuce for green leaf. If we have nothing similar, we will credit you for the item.


What if I don’t like the Honeycrisp apple you just gave me for my Gala Apples?

First off, you're crazy because Honeycrisp apples are the Muhammad Ali of apples! Still, all kidding aside, no problem at all. If you are unhappy with a substitution we made, contact, email or call us and we will credit you for it, no questions asked.


What if I planned to make an apple pie for my great grandmother Ethel’s 101st birthday and you didn’t give me my apples? She might not be around to wait another year.

Just let us know. We will do everything in our power to come back to deliver those apples and make sure Ethel’s birthday is on point.


OMG I can’t stop eating Kale! Can I get it in my box every week without having to sub it in?

That is a little weird how pumped you are about kale... but yes! As long as we have something in stock (depending on seasonality), even if we didn’t put it into your box that week, you can set the item to sub into your box automatically. On each item, you will see an “add recurring” button. This button allows you to set products to “recur” in every order, as long as it’s in stock.


I HATE Brussels Sprouts! I never want to look at them or even think about them. The thought of having to sub them out of my order makes me crazy! Ahhh!

Heard you loud and clear. You can set your preferences for items you never want in your order. That said, brussels sprouts are delicious...roast them, don’t boil them. Grate some cheese on them too if you are feeling adventurous. Thank us later, it’s going to be okay.


I work all day and I am ordering milk and meat from you. How do I know it will stay cold and safe to eat sitting on my doorstep?

All products that require temperature control like meat and dairy is packed in insulated pouches and ice packs. We’ve extensively tested our packing to make sure your product stays within USDA food safety ranges.


That’s great, but I still don’t love the idea of a box of food on my sunny porch all day.

You can leave your own cooler out! On your settings page, you can select that you will be leaving a cooler out, which will let our driver know to look for it.


My house is hard to find. GPS often brings people to the wrong place and my mailbox has no number.

No problem. In your account settings, update your special delivery instructions to help your driver. Say things like “blue house, white shutters” or “deliver to side door” etc. 


OH NO! I got a bad apple in my box! What do I do?!

Go to your contact page on our site OR email to:

[email protected] 

OR call us. Our super awesome customer service team will make sure you get credited for the issue.


You say to return all of our packaging with my next delivery? What’s the deal with that?

We are a no-waste business. This means everything we use, from excess produce to boxes to ice packs, is recycled, donated, fed to farm critters, composted or made into renewable energy. When you return your packaging, we’ll make sure we get it to those outlets.


That’s the most bodaciously awesome Captain Planet "Our powers combined" craziness I've heard all week, but I have recycling at home... can I just use that?

Sure. If you have cardboard recycling for your boxes, have at it. We suspect you won’t have outlets to recycle insulation and ice packs, so please do send those back. Or, save them and be the coolest person at your next BBQ with your sweet DIY cooler.


I am a busy parent. I can’t keep up on all of the food trends and what new ingredient or additives could be bad for my family.

We already did the research for you. You can click on anything our site offers and feel good about feeding it to your family.


Do you send my food through a postal service, so it bounces around their mailing system for days before it gets to me like other food services?

Nope! We deliver all of our boxes with love, ourselves. Make sure to say hello to your driver.


Do you provide Meal Kits?

Bodhi Market is not a meal-kit subscription.


I want to want jicama, but what do I do with it?

We get you. Each week, we provide recipes specifically designed to help you get the most from your box. Yes, you do a bit more chopping yourself than if you used a meal service, but look on the bright side—you will improve your knife skills and save the environment while you’re at it! We also provide smoothie recipes for you to use up some of the extras. Check out our recipes page for inspiration. We also offer meal bundles, which allow you to add the ingredients needed to your box for easy meals with one click, at a reduced price.


I want to get healthy and lose weight. Is this service right for me?

You know it! Eating from Bodhi Market ensures an organic diet with limited processed foods and no additives. Our recipes are curated by certified health and nutrition coaches to ensure you're cooking healthy meals with the ingredients.


Sounds great but I don’t really want to cook all the time. 

Did you check out our Smoothie Box? It provides a smoothie a day for a week! With a program like that, you might have to apply for a license for your abs this summer.


What are Bundles and Shares?

Bundles and Shares are groupings of products sold at a better price than they would be individually. Shares give you a mix of products from a specific farm. Our meat shares are awesome! Bundles combine ingredients for easy meals. You can add any bundle or share to your regular box just as you would any a la carte item.


Wow, I just finished reading this entire F.A.Q. I am not sure whether I want to cheer, laugh, or stuff my face, but I am definitely pumped to shop with Bodhi Market!

Mic, dropped.


Still have Questions?

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