Who We Are


Born and raised on natural and organic food in Bucks County PA. Matthew has been into organics since before he had free will. For the better part of the last decade, Matthew ran the East Coast region of a national organic grocery business. During his tenure, Matthew eliminated would-be food waste by working with Rolling Harvest Food rescue, composters, and farmers to create a landfill-free operation, donating over 40,000 pounds of food to families in need annually. Now he is using those skills, connections, and know-how to create Bodhi Market. Always making sure to keep things local, sustainable and positive! When he isn’t running organic and natural grocery delivery businesses, Matthew enjoys living on a small farm in Upper Bucks County with his wife, new baby, dog, bunny, cat, and chickens.

Favorite Vegetable: Heirloom tomatoes (though he says, strictly speaking, they are a fruit)

Favorite Fruit: Citrus in winter and stonefruit in summer

Hidden Talent: Will eat all of your chips and salsa or shrimp cocktail… all of it



Like Matthew, Danny has logged the better part of a decade working in the organic food delivery world. Danny’s experience and expertise in vendor and farmer relationships allow Bodhi Market to offer a fantastic selection of products. When Danny is not at Bodhi Market, he enjoys living the dream in East Falls PA with his wife and dog, Bailey.

Favorite Vegetable: Asparagus

Favorite Fruit: Watermelon

Hidden Talent: Making sleeved shirts into sleeveless shirts



Office Decorator

Bailey keeps Bodhi Market looking fresh. Her signature decorating technique is finely shredding produce and spreading it around the office. It’s an eclectic, cutting-edge style, but you cannot deny that it keeps the organic feel alive.

Favorite Vegetable: Yams

Favorite Fruit: Apples

Hidden Talent: Staring contest champion. Just try to challenge her... you will lose.



Quality Control

River's experience and skills are broad, though his true passion is in cheese and brassicas. Unfortunately, River is no longer allowed to oversee our freshly baked bread due to an incident with inventory management.

Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli

Favorite Fruit: Banana

Hidden Talent: Once ate an entire loaf of Bread Box Bakery sourdough and then lied about it.


Bun Bun

Zen Master

Bun Bun is the moral compass of Bodhi Market. A longtime dedicated practitioner of Zen, he always offers a peaceful and calm resolution to all challenges. Filled with endless wisdom Bun Bun reminds us, “The carrot may be eaten, but it is never fully gone.”

Favorite Vegetable: Carrot tops

Favorite Fruit: Banana

Hidden Talent: Can fall asleep while eating, mid mouthful