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Deli 'Tri' Rye

Merzbacher's Bakery

Deli 'Tri' Rye

Retail Price: $5.99/1 loaf
Sale Price: $5.39/1 loaf
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Deli 'Tri' Rye Features

Local- This is a local product!Farm Fresh- Premium Quality!!

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Merzbacher's Bakery deli rye is a wonderful hearty canvas for any sandwich. Functions like a classic rye bread, but made with scalded rye (for moisture), pre-fermented rye (for a sour tang), and rye malts (a little bittersweet-ness). This loaf is dark in color and rich in flavor. 1/2" Sliced Bread!!

White flour (unbleached/unbromated), locally sourced rye flour (milled daily), water, ground caraway, ground rye malts, malt syrup, salt, yeast, cultures 

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