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Sockeye Salmon

Wild for Salmon

Sockeye Salmon


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6oz Serves 1. We recommend 6oz per person.

These individually packaged, 6 oz portions are cut from our Sockeye Salmon fillets. Whether you’re looking to portion out dinner in a snap, or to thaw enough salmon for just one serving: our convenient salmon portions are here to feed you well. Broil, pan fry or grill to utilize in your favorite salmon recipe.

Sockeye Salmon is the most well-known of the Alaska salmon species. Our Sockeye Salmon is frozen hours after catch to maintain the color, flavor, and texture we enjoy in the bay. Sockeye Salmon’s diet of krill and phytoplankton exclusively give its firm meat the dramatic hue and deep flavor profile. A rich source of iron, selenium, Vitamins A, B, D and heart-healthy omega 3s.

Sockeye Salmon Portions are great for health enthusiasts eating Ketogenic, Whole 30, Gluten Free or Paleo because they are high in lean protein, with 0 carbs. Portions are cut from the whole fillet; each box contains a variety of collar, center and tail pieces. 

 Sustainably Harvested & Wild Caught in Bristol Bay, AK
Processed in the USA
Rich Flavor
Firm Texture
Fat – 6g, 4oz
Protein – 24g, 4oz
6 oz Packages
Skin on/Boneless

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