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Vendor: Jane's Kitchen

Location: 79 ROUTE 202/31 S RINGOES NJ 08551
Food Miles: 25 miles

Jane's Kitchen makes all their food fresh daily. They grow our own organic produce and shop locally for the rest! They never use processed foods or foods that are genetically modified.

All Jane's meats organic and local, and their farmers don’t use hormones or antibiotics ever, they take care of Mother earth!

Real food for you and your family!

The concept of Jane’s Kitchen comes from a love of cooking and the enjoyment of the family meal. Growing up Jane always had dinner at 6:00. She had to be there, no excuses. This was a time to connect with family, and she wonderful memories of these dinners. Jane's journey has led her to live a “slow food” lifestyle. Growing, cooking, and enjoying every aspect of food, from seed to her family’s dinner table. Real food, grown sustainably, real meats raised with kindness. No GMO’s, no BHT’s, no nasty pesticides.


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