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Vendor: Nutty Novelties

Location: 336 W. Broad St, Telford PA 18969
Food Miles: 17 miles

Caleb Mangum started this venture on a shoe-string budget with a farmers’ market business dream…to have a make-your-own-trail-mix bar! 6 years and all kinds of trials, tribulations and changes later and now Nutty Novelties does one thing, and promises to do it well: *Awesome* Nut Butters! Up to 17 varieties and counting, Nutty Novelties strives to produce the most delicious, healthy natural nut butters on the market. Everything they make is high-protein and low-sugar, no palm oil or other junk ingredients, and many vegan options too. They make everything in a shared space with Popcorn Works right in Telford, PA. With flavors like Dark Chocolate Almond, Habanero Honey PB, and even a Pumpkin Spice for the Fall, do yourself a favor and give them a try.

Anything from Nutty Novelties this week?
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